The 2021 Roslyn Young Memorial Concert will be performed in the First Congregational Church in Madison CT, and will be available, virtually, via a link on this website starting at 4:00 PM (EDT) on October 10th.

Set in the quaint New England coastal town of Madison on Connecticut’s Long Island Sound shoreline, this historic, steepled church was built in 1838. This warm and inviting structure has been home to “Music at the Meetinghouse” events for more than a decade, and you’re sure to enjoy the acoustics as much as our performing artists do.

Madison was first settled in 1641 and, throughout the 18th century, was known as East Guilford until it was incorporated as a town in 1826. The present name is after James Madison, 4th President of the United States. Bill Clinton favorably mentions the town in his autobiography, My Life, singling it out as an “especially old and beautiful” favorite during his time at Yale.

First Congregational Church
26 Meetinghouse Lane
Madison, CT 06443